What We Do

TeleSight is a survey solutions provider supporting customer satisfaction, process improvement, and other research efforts. We support a variety of client information needs to help them improve service, cut costs and, most importantly, build customer loyalty.  Our solutions cover a wide range:

Our cutting-edge Phone InterviewerWebInteractive Voice Response (IVR) and Hybrid Hytouch℠ surveying technologies deliver the highest quality results. TeleSight’s specialized systems and processes result in budget friendly cost efficiencies. Custom, comprehensive reporting options provide invaluable insight to fuel process management, pay-for-performance, training priorities and more for 11 of the Fortune 100 companies and many others — big and small.

Who We Are

TeleSight opened its doors in 1990 as a process improvement marketing consulting firm. Time after time, we ran into the same issue with our clients.  Prior to launching any project we would ask, “What do your customers think?” And more often than not, clients would respond with blank stares and shoulder shrugs.  We believed the answer to our question was essential to making good business decisions and we made it TeleSight’s mission to get the answers.

We launched our first major tracking survey in 1990 – a direct mail effort that proved to be a remarkable learning experience for us – and our client!  In fact, this client today is our biggest and most loyal account.

Twenty years later, customers, technology, and expectations have changed, and so has TeleSight.  We have evolved from a small consulting firm into one of the largest customer satisfaction research specialists in the U.S.  TeleSight manages survey programs that generate nearly 450,000 completed surveys a month.  Three in-house call centers located in the heart of Chicago, IL handle all telephone surveys.We work with a diverse collection of companies in industries including finance, insurance, health care, utilities, manufacturing and technology.

TeleSight takes pride in providing employable customer satisfaction insights for the best price in the market. We reach your customers so your business can reach its full potential.