Rating Scales Strategies

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When determining what rating scale to use for your upcoming survey project, it’s important to remember that not all rating scales are created equal. Depending on what methodology you are using to collection your information, if you are looking to determine a Net Promoters Score, and what type of scale you’ve used in the past, […]

14 Ways Banks Can Improve by Surveying

TeleSight has worked with banking clients for over a decade to help them improve their processes and create better customer experiences. Throughout the years we have helped our Banking Clients collect and interpret data. This experience has lead to our opinion of the 14 best ways Banks can use surveys: Calculate Net Promoter Scores, thereby improving […]

Simple Sampling

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Have you ever wondered how your company is able to survey a handful of customers, analyze their answer, and then make assumptions about the rest of your customer base using that information? This efficiency is thanks to a process called sampling. Understanding sampling is important in the world of research and very easy to understand. […]

The Pop-Quiz of Customer Experience

For every group you want to measure at 95% +/- 5% statistical target (a typically used confidence level in customer experience research), you need about 380 surveys. Many projects target this number as an endgame sample size. In the meantime, surveys are collected a handful at a time. While you may be eager to do […]

Five Skills Successful Call Center Employees Possess

The foundation of a successful phone survey program is a strong team of call center representatives. This team functions as the voice of your company to your customers so it’s imperative to hire, train, and retain stellar interviewers. TeleSight has operated an in-house call center for over 10 years and in 2013, TeleSight’s interviewer turn over rate was […]

Creating a Questionnaire

Your company has put a lot of thought into your customer feedback program: you’ve collected the contact information for your customers, you’ve had countless meetings regarding your surveying budget and goals, and you’ve partnered with TeleSight to conduct the surveys. You have your customer’s attention, now, for the most crucial part of your customer satisfaction […]

Embracing Survey Inefficiency to Improve Your Business

In a recent article published by Forbes, contributor Micah Soloman stated, “Customers are inherently inefficient and inconvenient to do business with. Great customer service depends on understanding and embracing this reality, and figuring out how to build a customer experience that can accommodate them anyway.” Micah’s wisdom extends not just to the experience your customer […]

Spanish Surveying for Success

It’s no secret that the Spanish language is on the rise in the United States. According to a recent study released by Pew Research Center, not only is Spanish the most spoken non-English language in the US with roughly 37 million speakers, it is also the fastest growing. Since 1980 the percentage of Spanish speakers […]