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GPS fleet tracking company receives high marks in customer satisfaction survey

2012 October 15
by InSight: A TeleSight Blog

Companies that design ultra-specific products for niche industries can benefit from proper customer satisfaction research in the same way that those producing a wider range of goods can.

For example, NexTraq is viewed as an industry leader when it comes to GPS tracking and fleet management solutions. The company provides cloud-based software to delivery or service corporations that maintain fleets of trucks, cars or other vehicles. Recently, the company conducted an internal customer satisfaction survey to determine where operations needed to improve.

The results were staggering – 95 percent of the customer base stated that they would recommend NexTraq to friends, family and colleagues. In addition, 94 percent of respondents claimed that NexTraq and its associated services were invaluable to their everyday business operations. Increases in productivity and usability features were cited as the major reasons behind NexTraq's excellent track record.

"The results from our most recent customer satisfaction survey lets us know that we are on the right path to provide value to our customers, who we consider long-term business partners," said NexTraq CEO Mike Scarbrough in a recent statement. "At NexTraq, we aim to be more than just a fleet tracking company, we want to provide our clients with a powerful tool to increase revenue while decreasing costs."

Such positive results suggest that NexTraq has little to improve upon because its customer base appears to be almost unanimously satisfied. However, the purpose of customer satisfaction research is to determine the remaining percentage of on-the-fence clients and bring that figure down as much as possible. Therefore, NexTraq can analyze the data to see if there is any correlation in the remaining 5 percent of its customers who were unsatisfied. If a problem area is identified, NexTraq can immediately begin taking steps to rectify the issue. They can also use this as a benchmark in the future to see if they rested on their laurels or continued to excel.

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